After 18th of December 2023, there is no longer a need to add mailservers as allowed.

If you have done the changes earlier, you can now remove the IP addresses/whitelisting.

Occasionally users notice issues where they don't receive the emails sent from Severa to their email or emails go to spam folder. This happens for example when you reset your password and a onetime password is sent to the email specified or when you send an invoice, a proposal, a travel reimbursement etc. directly from Severa. Most of the issues are caused by the receiving email server that blocks the messages. When sending emails with own email addresses/domains from another system, the service they are using should be added as trusted sender into their mail server.

There is also something called a DKIM-support that is recommended to be used (

Changes to sending emails from Severa

Starting from the December 18th 2023, there will be a change in how emails are sent from Severa

Previously, some emails (such as Proposals & Invoices) were sent using the logged-in user's email address. However, moving forward, all emails originating from Severa will be sent from the address []

This adjustment is being made in response to stricter email policies implemented by various email service providers, some of which intend to block these types of emails beginning next year.

In the future, a reply-to address will be appended to these emails, which were formerly sent using the user's email address. This means that if someone replies to such an email, the reply will be directed to the email address of the person who initially sent the original message.

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