Forecasting of project financials

In addition to previous functionality covering fees on the project being used for Billing and Other expenses forecast, now we are using resourcing to get a more comprehensive forecast of the financials. Now we are always showing the screen to choose what to update and indicate to the user if he/she is going to overwrite some previously entered values.

The basis of how resourcing works as a basis of the calculations:

  • Revenue forecast: price of the user's default worktype on the project * amount of hours allocated to a given month
    • If there is a default worktype set for the project or the phase with the resource allocation, price of that worktype is used instead
    • If there is a phase-specific exception used that defines the price of the hour, that is used instead
    • If an allocation spreads over several months, the division by month is based on workdays
  • Billing forecast: same logic as with revenue forecast, but will only be calculated if the specific worktype has "Bill" selection in the price list
  • Labor expenses: cost per hour on the user's work contract * amount of hours allocated to a given month
    • If there is a case-specific exception for the user's hourly cost, that is used instead


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