Release notes for February 2019

The following improvement were introduced in the February 2019 product release:


  • Now there is seach box for different activity lists.


Google calendar sync

  • When creating new activity from create new acitivity-view, the external participants are not included to new activity.



  • Now in the invoice the "Uninvoiced items" -view displays newest items first.
  • Create invoices -view show now also the billing customer info in the account field.


  • Changes to grouped invoice creation when there are billing customers. Invoices are grouped for main customers, individual invoices are created for billing customers.


  • When project number is in use (Settings > Case numbering), it is shown in proposal and invoice (& multi-invoice view)


  • Invoice shows now also KPI values (if invoice KPI:s are active in settings).



  • New login page was released.


  • Now its possible to view forecasts also in graphical view and you can select to see views separately (billing, revenue other expenses etc).


  • Also there is now possibility to add multiple forecasts for same row by clicking the pencil icon in the end of row.


  • Now its possible to give cost exceptions for project members and it affects on hours that are not yet invoiced. You can find place from Project > Project settings.



The following issues were fixed in the February 2019 product release:


  • Some activities were not visible in week view in new UI.
  • Creating new activity from "Activity completed! You can also create new." -view gave error.


  • Issue to add new work contract for some users.


  • Error was given when a shared dashboard was created.

Google calendar sync

  • When one occurrence of recurring item was deleted from Google by participant, activity was still shown for user in Severa.


  • When billing customer was changed on invoice the billing details were not updated from customer card.
  • In some cases user was not able to change invoice status from new UI.
  • When billing customer was changed on invoice the invoice language and reverse charge were not updated from customer card.
  • Invoice Free text -field didn't show the text until you opened it.
  • When invoicing customer was changed on invoice the contacts list was not updated.
  • When template was saved from invoice "Save as organizational level template" the ordering is resetted.


  • Users got logged out randomly.


  • It was not possible to change customer for project or Sales case if there was closed activity.
  • Issue to change Project work types settings to "Use existing work types from settings".
  • Project forecast timeframe was not updated immediately after project timeline was changed.
  • Updating project original estimate with comma didn't work correctly.
  • When deleting billable project the pricing section was broken.
  • Share of billing showed incorrect invoicing values in Team productivity -view.
  • Fee description field layout broke when text didn't have any line breaks.
  • Update forecast updated also Revenue forecast fields to future.
  • In some cases user got error when using project-specific work type selection in project.
  • Update forecast gave error if fee description was over 1000 characters.


  • In some date filters it was possible to add start date before end date.
  • When user set shared report as favorite the report disappeared from all users.
  • "Has recurring items" filter didn't work correctly.
  • When mass updating sales case status to "Tilaus", the expected order date was not updated.
  • Second arrangement rule wasn't working in Project list -report.
  • Drill down from "Work hour approval grouped" -report didn't work correctly.


  • Today's agenda showed projects in "Exceeded work estimates" even the estimate was set to 0.

Time & expenses

  • When changing case in work hour entry -view the worktype field was not updated correctly.
  • Favorite selection was shown when joining a project.
  • Join a project didin't work when user was already added on a phase.

Travel reimbursement

  • When editing travel expense on travel reimbursement, the time zone was changed.
  • Updated travel expenses were not updated on project.

Visma Business

  • Invoice was not correct when it was transferred from Severa to ViBu and it included flat rate pricing.
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