Release notes for December 2018

The following improvement were introduced in the December 2018 product release:


  • Adding work hours from activity.


  • Small improvement to project/phase tree: close opened phase by clicking empty area on the screen.
  • Possibility to create invoices from project also to other billing customers.



  • Sweden- and Norway-specific invoice total rounding control.
  • Market segmentation as filter to invoices creation screen.



  • When using sales process as grouping, graphical report barchart is sorted based on sales probability.
  • Added new value "Unallocated hours" to project & phase & customer list report.
  • Added new value Work hour approval status change date to work hour list report.
  • When drilling down from Resourcing analysis to resourcing by person, immediately display all allocations.


The following issues were fixed in the December 2018 product release


  • Removing project redirected user to dashboard and not to the customer card. 
  • Reminder PDF was not working when new layout is used.
  • Wrong language selection when credit note was created.


  • User got error when creating an invoice and customers billing contact was deleted.
  • Revenue and Billing values were different in old and new UI


  • It was not able to create proposal PDF from new UI if proposal had Billing details added and payment terms was null in the project.


  • "Cumulative" was not selectable on analysis reports.
  • Timeout problem in Accounts report.

Travel reimbursement

  • Amount of per diem travel expenses were rounded in travel reimbursement.
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