Release notes for November 2018

The following improvements were introduced in the November 2018 product release:


  • Possibility to mass complete and mass postpone activities. This can be done from To-do-list and from Activity report.



  • Now its possible to define the time range in calendar view. You can also where the weeks start (Monday or Sunday) and you can select to show also the weekends.



  • Settings tab to internal customer card.
  • Now its possible to edit case contact information from sales & projects tab by opening the contact card.


  • Screen scrolls to view created content when user creates new card to dashboard.


  • Now it's possible to update billing information from invoice to project. The setting can be found under detailed information.


  • Improvements to Kanban view.
  • Possibility to change VAT % for work hours in invoice when show total amouns is selected.



  • Define if Expenses in User KPIs include costs of work hours, travels and/or products user has entered.
  • KPI parts recognize the monetary values and can automatically deliver measurement unit for example € or €/h.


  • Project template improvements.


  • Possibility to report Labor expenses, Other expenses, Total expenses, Sales margin and Margin and Total tax on Proposal list - report.
  • Add keywords to multiple projects in Project list -report.


  • Now its possible to selct what to do when you remove a phase member with ongoing/future resource allocation



  • Possibility to open another tabs from Tob-bar dropdowns (Reports, History, Workhour approval)
  • Searchboxes have clear function ( in the end of the row)
  • Clicking outside opened card that has save or close buttons is not closed and saved like it did before. This happens e.g. in work hours and proposal view.
  • Now its possible to multiselect mass removing from dropdown menus in differents places for example in reports or calendar view. Mass remove can be done from up right corner.


Severa Mobile app

New Severa mobile app with new REST has been released. More info can be found from here.


The following issues were fixed in the November 2018 product release


  • Changing customer for project if there was proposal added was not possible.
  • Changing customer for project if there was activity added was not possible.


  • Issues transferring credit invoices from Severa.
  • Invoices where sent to main customer and not the invoicing customer.
  • Customer contact and address fields were empty when you changed customer in the invoice even those were filled in project billing settings.


  • It was not possible to change billing contact person from project settings.


  • Report filters and values didn't change correctly after report drill-down.


  • Resource allocation total was not calculated correctly when the daily amount was really small.

Time & expenses

  • Changing travel expense type in Time & expenses broke the entry view and date for entry was changed.
  • Time & expense "Travel expenses to reimburse" showed incorrect value.
  • Join a project didn't work when user was already added on another phase of project.
  • When hour entry was edited in old UI it added internal comment button visible in new UI invoice.
  • When fee was added in New UI from Time % expenses -view, the description was missing the phase information.

Travel reimbursement

  • Start time/end time selection was not visible when adding the travel expenses.
  • When attachment was added from Visma Scanner to Severa travel reimbursement, attachment was not compressed.

Visma Administration

  • Total of the invoice showed 9 decimal.

Visma Business & Visma Global

  • When invoice was transferred from Severa the business unit was not taken from user but from project manager.
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