Release notes for November 2018

The following improvements were introduced in the November 2018 product release:


  • Changes to activity modal bottom bar.
  • Possibility to mass complete and mass postpone activities. This can be done from To-do-list and from Activity report.



  • Now its possible to define the time range in calendar view. You can also where the weeks start (Monday or Sunday) and you can select to show also the weekends.



  • Settings tab to internal customer card.
  • Now its possible to edit case contact information from sales & projects tab by opening the contact card.


  • Screen scrolls to view created content when user creates new card to dashboard.


  • Now it's possible to update billing information from invoice to project. The setting can be found under detailed information.


  • Improvements to Kanban view.
  • Removed comma before invoice number from invoice PDF.
  • Possibility to change VAT % for work hours in invoice when show total amouns is selected.



  • Define if Expenses in User KPIs include costs of work hours, travels and/or products user has entered.
  • KPI parts recognize the monetary values and can automatically deliver measurement unit for example € or €/h.


  • Project template improvements.


  • Possibility to report Labor expenses, Other expenses, Total expenses, Sales margin and Margin and Total tax on Proposal list - report.
  • Add keywords to multiple projects in Project list -report.


  • Now its possible to selct what to do when you remove a phase member with ongoing/future resource allocation


  • Now its possible to see phase timeline on resource allocation and hover/drag the resourcing.



  • Multiselect dropdown mass selecting to activity participants, email recipients and phase member selection.
  • Possibility to open another tabs from Tob-bar dropdowns (Reports, History, Workhour approval)
  • Searchboxes have clear function ( in the end of the row)
  • Clicking outside opened card that has save or close buttons is not closed and saved like it did before. This happens e.g. in work hours and proposal view.
  • Now its possible to multiselect mass removing from dropdown menus in differents places for example in reports or calendar view. Mass remove can be done from up right corner.
  • Small improvements to top navigation behavior.


Severa Mobile app

New Severa mobile app with new REST has been released. More info can be found from here.

Travel reimbursement

  • Mass update travel reimbursement statuses from report.
  • When closing a project user gets notification if there are travel reimbursements waiting for approval and ask to select needed actions.



The following issues were fixed in the November 2018 product release


  • Changing customer for project if there was proposal added was not possible.
  • Changing customer for project if there was activity added was not possible.


  • Issues transferring credit invoices from Severa.
  • Invoices where sent to main customer and not the invoicing customer.
  • Customer contact and address fields were empty when you changed customer in the invoice even those were filled in project billing settings.
  • Issues with invoice total price rounding.
  • Overdue interest was shown when new invoice layout was used.
  • User was not able to open invoices from kanban view if he/she didn't have access to invoice status.
  • Total prices on invoice were shown wrong when grouping was used without "Show total amounts".


  • It was not possible to change billing contact person from project settings.
  • Customer couldn't be changed if there was activity added on project.
  • Phase sort order was not working when using project template.
  • Project forecast was not updating the values correctly for hidden months.


  • Drag and drop of fields was not working on proposal.


  • Report filters and values didn't change correctly after report drill-down.


  • Resource allocation total was not calculated correctly when the daily amount was really small.

Time & expenses

  • Changing travel expense type in Time & expenses broke the entry view and date for entry was changed.
  • Time & expense "Travel expenses to reimburse" showed incorrect value.
  • Join a project didn't work when user was already added on another phase of project.
  • When hour entry was edited in old UI it added internal comment button visible in new UI invoice.
  • When fee was added in New UI from Time % expenses -view, the description was missing the phase information.

Travel reimbursement

  • Start time/end time selection was not visible when adding the travel expenses.
  • When attachment was added from Visma Scanner to Severa travel reimbursement, attachment was not compressed.
  • User was not able to change any(project, expense type, date) info for created travel reimbursement.

Visma Administration

  • Total of the invoice showed 9 decimal.

Visma Business & Visma Global

  • When invoice was transferred from Severa the business unit was not taken from user but from project manager.
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