Recurring fees

Recurring billing (included in Premium and Enterprise packages) is a convenient way to ensure that repeat charges become billable on schedule. For example, ongoing projects may have flat rate service fees that are billed monthly (i.e. licenses or monthly fees).

Recurring fees can be added by selecting Recurring from Billable menu. Note that the billing type cannot be changed afterwards. Once recurring is selected, parameters related to recurrence rules appear. 

Recurring fees require that the frequency (Repeat after x Month), Start date, Recurrence end (Never, Number of times or On date) and Start date of invoice row's display period are defined. Frequency or Start date cannot be changed after the fee has been billed but Description, Quantity, Unit, Cost, Price and VAT can be changed at any time.


The price of the recurring fee will be shown on project. If the billing date is in the future the date will also be shown with the recurring information. This way you will recognize recurring fees more efficiently.

recurring_later.jpgOption to end a recurring billing cycle can be changed at any time but

  • End date can’t be made earlier than the last date billed
  • Number of times can’t be made less than the number of occurrences that have already been billed


What happens to a recurring fee if I delete an invoice that includes this item?

If recurring fee is invoiced, and then the invoice is deleted or the fee is removed from that invoice, the fee becomes available in the project for billing as a regular fee and changes to the recurring fee will not affect this item.


What happens if I delete a billable recurring fee from Fees and other expenses section?

Deleting recurring fee will end the recurring billing cycle (no future recurrences). Note that if you delete a recurring fee that has been invoiced and then removed from the invoice, the billing cycle is not ended as the recurring fee is recognized as regular product.

What happens when I reimburse an invoice that has recurring fees?

When reimbursing an invoice, you have two options regarding how to handle the invoice rows:

  • Create only reimbursement: Recurring fee is marked as non-billable on project and the recurring billing cycle is ended.
  • Create reimbursement and new invoice: Recurring fee is added automatically as new invoice row. No changes to recurrence rule.

How to add recurring fee that is billable on the 15th but where the invoice row's period starts from the 1st of upcoming month?

When you add a new recurring fee, you need to set both Start date and Start date of invoices row's display period.

  • Start date: Date when row becomes billable
  • Start date of invoices row's display period: Start date of the period that can be seen on customers invoice

When you add the rule set the Start date as the date you want to rule become billable in Severa, i.e. 15th of May. Then set the Start date of invoices row's display period as the date where the actual billing period starts, i.e. 1st of June.


Now the row becomes billable already in the middle of the month but the billing period starts from the beginning of the next month.


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