A limit in the amount of SOAP calls will take place 1.7.2016

100 000 calls per day per organization, starting from July 1st 2016

We want to offer to all our API users a stable, fast and good quality API service and due to this, starting from July 1st 2016 Severa API will have a limit of 100 000 calls per day per company.

If the limit is exceeded, Severa responds with an error stating too many requests. This quota gets reset when UTC day changes.

Starting from 28th of June

Each API call will return additional header in each API call.

Response will have "Quota"-header which tells daily quota and "UsedQuota"-header which includes used daily quota.

Here's example of returned response with quota information

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">


      <Quota xmlns="">100000</Quota>

      <UsedQuota xmlns="">2</UsedQuota>



      <GetAllAccountsResponse xmlns="">

         <GetAllAccountsResult xmlns:a="" xmlns:i=""/>




Here's Visual Basic example how client can access these headers

Dim Quota As String = headers.GetHeader(Of String)("Quota", "")

Dim usedQuota As String = headers.GetHeader(Of String)("UsedQuota", "")

When quota has been reached S3 API starts to return any authenticated requests with fault exception

<s:Envelope xmlns:s="">


      <Quota xmlns="">100</Quota>

      <UsedQuota xmlns="">111</UsedQuota>





         <faultstring xml:lang="en-US">Quota limit reached</faultstring>


            <QuotaLimitExceededException xmlns="" xmlns:i="">

               <Description>Quota limit</Description>

               <Source i:nil="true"/>






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