What others have done with API

  • Accounts: Adding new accounts and updating Visma Severa's accounts, when main account database is elsewhere.
    • Code example: Reading CSV file to update accounts in Visma Severa, .NET C# source code of a command-line client application:
  • Cases: Inserting new cases based on confirmed orders in another application. At the same time creating accounts if they don't exist.
  • Costs: Getting items from Visma Severa, to produce a cost calculation for a project in an another application.
  • Invoice: Transferring invoices or Finvoices from Visma Severa to another application for invoicing or bookkeeping. Transfer is usually based on invoice statuses in Visma Severa.
    • Code examples: 
      1. Getting invoice data, .NET Visual Basic source code of a command-line client application:
      2. Printing Finvoice, PHP source code of a command-line client application:
      3. Purchase invoice (item) import, .Net C# source of a command-line application reading a FINVOICE XML file as purchase invoice into a case as items:
  • Items: Inserting items to Visma Severa, when billable items are created in another system. Items are inserted to case, and from there they can be invoiced.
    • Adding items is one of the most common needs for the integration. Items in Visma Severa can be costs or something that is invoiced from the customer.
    • Code example: Item unit price and unit cost examples:
  • Salaries: Getting work hour entries from Visma Severa to other application, for salary calculation purpose.
  • Sales: Creating a call list for sales persons, based on accounts and their future activities.
  • Ticketing: Inserting new activities to Visma Severa, based on tickets created in another application.
  • Travel reimbursement: Transferring travel expenses from Visma Severa to travel reimbursement application.
  • Work hours: Adding work hours to Visma Severa, when main work hour entry system is other application.
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