How to: Create Severa API key


Visma Severa API key is used to authenticate data transfers between Visma Severa and a 3rd party solution.

The key is created for an user account. It is recommended to create one user account just for API use, because this user will need full access rights in Visma Severa. Also if Visma Severa API key is created for a normal user, there is always a change that the employee will leave the company and the user account is inactivated. Inactivating the user account will prevent the integration from working.

Add API user

  1. Follow the "Add new user account" instructions to create a new user.
  2. After user is created, open the Access rights -section from the user profile
  3. Click "Edit" to make changes.
  4. Make sure Access rights user profile is Administrator (user has access to all accounts/cases/users/etc).
  5. Change Rights to API: Yes and click Save.


Enable API key

  1. Log in to Visma Severa as Severa API user (created in previous step)
  2. Go to Tools > Personal details.
  3. Expand API access -section and select to Enable API.
  4. Click the Generate API key button and Save changes.

Copy the API key and paste it into the software that requires it or deliver it to the person requesting it.


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