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  • Visma Severa API is an Interface, and it must be activated in order to view and use the features described below.
  • API stands for application programming interface, and is a way to enable interaction between different software applications. For more information about APIs, please refer to Wikipedia at: Application programming interface.
  • A web service is a type of API that is hosted remotely and offered as a service through the Internet. For more information about web services, please refer to Wikipedia: Web service.

In brief

VIsma Severa API is a web service API that allows you to program an interface between Visma Severa and other software applications. Code written by your IT programmer for the API will process a request, retrieve data and transmit it for use by one software or the other - in effect, the API acts as a shortcut to share data between software applications. For example, it’s possible to use the API to retrieve data from Visma Severa, about employees’ work hours, for use in payroll software to generate monthly salary payments. The API may also be used the other way around, to insert data from another program into Visma Severa.

In general, the use of Visma Severa API is controlled by only a few people, however the benefits of sharing data between applications may be visible to all Users depending on the type of data shared between the applications.

Getting Started

First, it's important to make sure that Visma Severa API will meet the needs of your company. Review the WSDL with your company's programmers and discuss the possibilities. If desired, contact a Severa product specialist for more information (go to and look in the upper right corner to find the telephone number for the office nearest you).

The Visma Severa API is activated by clicking on Upgrades in the top sidebar on the right of any page.

Image: Upgrades sidebar

On the Upgrades page, click to Adjust features on the top left. Click Interfaces to open the list of software interfaces available in Severa. Then, click the Select button to the right of Severa API, and click the Next bar to advance to the Agreement page.

The Agreement page displays information about costs and billing. Review details on the Agreement page, and click Confirm agreement. A new invoice will be created with a balance due indicated for your account, and payment should be completed by Electronic bank transfer or Credit card.

Access rights

Once activated, the system Administrator must grant access rights for specific users to control the API. To do this, click on wheel icon > User management, and click to Edit a user.

Go to Access rights section and select Rights to API and click to select Yes from the drop-down menu.

NOTE: Data retrieved and sent using the API is limited according to the access rights of the user.

Enable API

After a user has been granted access to the API a new section will be visible on their own profile. Check detailed instruction how to create api key.

Disable API

To disable the API, click on Settings in the top menu, click on Personal details and click to expand the API access section. Click to uncheck the box in front of Enable API. And, click Save.

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