Release notes of Visma Administration Severa integration

Starting from Visma Administration Severa integration version 1.5.0 changes in each version are reported in this article as comments.

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Download the latest integration version from here. 
Information how to update can be found from here.

Release notes:


Visma Administration integration 1.6.4

Bug fixes

  • The payments were fetched from Visma Administration based on last update date. Changed that to last payment date, which matches to the description.

Visma Administration integration 1.6.3

Bug fixes

  • When credit note was causing the error during the transfer, sales invoices was getting status "credit note" when it was transferred to Visma Administration.
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    Simon Ström

    Visma Administration Severa Integration 1.5.0

    The integration have been improved in the following areas:

    • Account
    • Invoice
    • Supplier invoice
    • Other 


    • Account main address is transferred from Visma Administration to Visma Severa.
    • If account is marked with Reverse charge in Visma Severa it will be set to Export customer in Visma Administration.
      Same but reverse is applied, if a customer is marked as Export account in Visma Administration it will be marked with Reverse charge in Visma Severa.


      When account is transferred with export/reverse charge it will use organization number and transfer to the VAT-number field in Visma Administration, and from Visma Administration transfer the VAT-numer field to Visma Severa.


    • Important change! New logic for numbering of invoices. 

      We have changed and improved the logic for numbering of invoices.
      Now you have to select what system that should be master of invoice numbering and this system will always number the invoice.

      This requires for companies using same Visma Severa account with several Visma Administration companies to use the organizational hierarchy add-on in order to have two invoice number series. Read more about this add-on here.


      When Visma Severa is master:
      • Only invoices with numbers are allowed to be transferred.
      • The Visma Severa invoice number will be the invoice number in Visma Administration.

    Choose if: All invoices is created in Visma Severa.

    When Visma Administration is master:

      • All invoices can be transferred.
      • If invoice already have a number it will be updated with the new Visma Administration invoice number in Visma Severa.
      • You should define a number series in Severa that is different from Visma Administration. For example start with invoice number 9000000. This is due to Visma Severa always number credit notes so they will have a temporary number while waiting for transfer.

    Choose if: You are creating additional invoices in Visma Administration.

    • Possibility to transfer case number to invoices.
      It's possible to transfer case number to Visma Administration invoice head and invoice rows.
      This is enabled in the integration settings, and in order for this to work cases must first be transferred before invoices can be transferred.

    • Order number is transferred from Visma Severa invoice to Visma Administration invoice head.
    • Fixed bugs:
      • Currency rate transferred is not calculated to match Visma Adminstration format. 
      • Debit invoice transferred as credit invoice

    Supplier invoice

    • Possibility to select from invoice settings if supplier invoices should be transferred as a product with price or without.
      If this setting is selected if till appear in the cases like option number 2 in the image with only cost.

      If not selected it will appear as number 1, with price and cost as the same.

    • Supplier invoices does not demand head case, case for each supplier invoice rows is sufficient for transfer.


    • Several typos and incorrect use of language corrected
    • Fixed bug: Unit mapping does not work


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    Simon Ström

    Visma Administration Severa Integration 1.5.1

    The integration have been updated with one fix:

    • Currency rate is rounded to 6 decimals before added to Visma Administration Invoice
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    Simon Ström

    Visma Administration Severa Integration 1.6.0

    The integration have been improved in the following areas:

    • Account
    • Case
    • Invoice
    • Payments
    • Supplier invoice
    • Article
    • Other


    • Possible to list and transfer only customers that have won cases.
    • Only active accounts is found when transferring accounts from Visma Administration to Visma Severa.
    • Only active contacts is transferred from Visma Severa to Visma Administration. 
    • Fixed bug: Contacts with out phone number was not transferred and caused exception in account transfer when transferring customers from Visma Severa to Visma Administration.


    • Possible to list and transfer only won cases.
    • If no end date is given to case in Severa the case will have 2099-12-31 as end date in Visma Administration as default. 
    • Fixed bug: Problem with finding correct case with case update. 


    • Fixed bug: Invoices without any invoice notes would not transfer to Severa


    • Payment transfer introduced

      Possible to update invoices that is marked as paid in Visma Administration with new status in Severa.
      Invoices is considered paid when the balance of the invoice is less than 1 SEK.  
      Payment transfer list view
      Payment transfer update dialog.

    Supplier invoice

    • Supplier invoice amount is always in base currency.
    • Supplier credit notes is now transferred with negative amount.
      Example of transferred supplier invoice (1) and supplier credit note (2). 

    • Possible to block selected accounts in integration that should not be added as products when transferring supplier invoices. This is possible to define in the integration Settings:
      Example of two blocked accounts in supplier invoice transfer.


    • Article transfer introduced

      Possible to transfer products, travel expenses and work types from Visma Severa to Visma Administration as articles. 
      What information is transferred:
      • Name
      • Article number (Code from Severa)
      • Measurement unit (Only used when settings for unit mapping is added to integration settings)

        Example of Article transfer view in integration program. 


    • Integration fix common errors automatically when transferring invoices and cases:
      • If account is missing integration adds account
      • If  case is missing integration adds case (Only when case transfer is in use)
      • If article is missing integration adds article (Only in invoice transfer)
    • Last transfer date and statuses used is loaded when integration is started. 
    • Tabs in the integration is reordered. 
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    Sweden Support Team

    Visma Administration Severa Integration 1.6.1

    The integration have been updated with the following:

    • Logging is enabled

      It is now possible to enable logging of Visma Administration API.
      To enable logging
      1. Go to the folder for common files of Administration (Sökväg gemensamma filer).
      2. Add a textfile with name "APIAdklogg"
      3. All transactions over the API is logged to that file.
        Remember to delete file content from time to time. 
    • Integration now requires .NET Framework 4.5.2
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    Johan Paulsson

    Visma Administration Severa Integration 1.6.2 

    The integration have been improved in the following areas:

    • Account
    • Invoice
    • Supplier invoice
    • Other


    • Fixed bug: Accounts without country was not transferred and caused an exception.


    • Setting to select if invoices should be marked as printed after transfer from Visma Severa to Visma Administration
    • Fixed bug: Invoice transfer order causes problem when transferring credit notes with dependencies

    Supplier invoice

    • Costs from Administration should not be able to transfer to closed cases in Severa. Now user gets error message: "Det går inte att lägga till kostnader till det stängda projektet”
    • Set property ”Subcontracting” to items added without product code
    • Setting added to select what product code supplier invoices should be added with
    • Possibility to transfer supplier invoices with price calculated on a percentage of the cost.


    • Tidied up the settings page into different sections
    • Make UI scalable down to lower resolution 
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