Supported web browsers

Starting from the beginning of year 2015 Visma Severa supports only the web browsers listed below.


  • Internet Explorer: Two latest major versions
  • Microsoft Edge: Two latest major versions
  • Firefox: Latest major version
  • Chrome: Latest major version


NOTE: Windows 10 is released on the 29th of July 2015 and it comes with a new web browser called Microsoft Edge. At the beginning you might notice issues with Edge and we recommend using either Internet Explorer 11 or some other web browser. We'll inform here when Edge is fully supported.



  • Safari: Latest major version
  • Firefox: Latest major version
  • Chrome: Latest major version

If the web browser you are using is not on the list, it doesn't mean that you cannot use Visma Severa with it. It just means that we cannot guarantee that all the menus or forms would work, or the user interface would look as nice as it does with supported browses. We also won't fix bugs that exist only on older web browsers. This is because WWW-technology goes forward in giant leaps and old browsers just don't have the technology to support new, cool features we want to offer to you.

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