Severa Mobile February 2016 release

New version of Severa mobile is released on week 8.

NOTE: Changes are visible for Android and Windows Phone users on the week of the release and for iOS users the week after that.

The following improvements were introduced in the release:

Activity Management (ADD-ON)

  • When adding activity, account should be the first one to select.


  • When user saves new travel expense or product, he should be redirected to travel expenses / products pages.


  • There is now a nice little tutorial for first time users before they log in to the app.
  • Tracking usage with Google Analytics: The apps are now connected into Google Analytics, so soon we are able to give you detailed information how many users per country we have and what are they doing with their apps.
  • When clicking phone number for contact person, ask if user wants to call or send a text.
  • Showing travel expenses under their categories (mileages, per diems, other expenses).


The following issues were fixed in the release


  • Amount for other expenses was wrong, the amount user entered in the app was shown in Severa with taxes.


  • Side swiping in Today view worked wrong way.
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