Severa Mobile March 2016 release

New version of Severa mobile is released on week 13.

NOTE: Changes are visible for all platforms Android, Windows Phone and iOS


The following improvements were introduced in the release:

Activity management (add-on)

  • When creating an activity, only active accounts can be selected.


  • My sales cases view for easier management of the sales process.


  • A new Week view to see whole week's work hour entry status at once.
  • When entering work hours or creating an activity, if a case has only one phase, the phase is automatically selected.
  • Work contract now determines whether user can enter overtime work hours or not.


  • New app icon on iOS and Android. Windows Phone icon will be changed later.
  • The app is now called "Severa" instead of "Visma Severa" in iOS and Android home menu, as the new icon already contains the Visma logo. A similar change will happen Windows Phone later. Everywhere else the app is still called "Visma Severa".
  • Total amount of work hours and activities is displayed in the Today view.
  • Total amount of contacts, sales cases, cases and activities is displayed in the Account view.


The following issues were fixed in the release:


  • Fixed a bug on Android where pressing device's back button to exit the app made the user to have to log in again.
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