Release notes for 9th of February 2016

The following improvement was introduced in the 9.2.2016 product release:

Travel Reimbursement (Add-on)

Some users were experiencing issues with PDF generation for travel reimbursement when there was lots of attachments/data added. At first step the timeout time has now been raised to one minute. In the future there will be another release for fixing this issue completely.


The following issues were fixed in the 9.2.2016 product release:

Issue location Descrition Release date
Case In Billing and revenue section the travel expenses are not calculated to "Actual billing" 9.2.2016
Invoicing When [starttimeandendtime] is used on credit note, error occurs when creating invoice pdf. 9.2.2016
Reports In reporting the Users section is not visible in Sharing or Report Gallery if Advanced reporting add-on is not activated 9.2.2016
Travel reimbursement (Add-on) Travel expense rows cannot be seen in "Travel entries for reimbursement" view when accessing the view again from Draft using Previous-button 9.2.2016
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