Release notes for the 15th of the September 2015

The following issues were fixed in the 15.10.2015 product release:


  • Case mass update freezes when changing business units.


  • Reimbursing invoice with "Do not bill" option, did not set price to zero for items.


  • Invoice notes field caused an exception in Maventa integration


  • Cases report did not update probability when sales status was updated.
  • Work hour summary -report showed also users that are inactive and have not made any entries to Severa for the period.

Work Hours

  • When Re-saving a non-billable item on work hour entry page item was made billable.
  • Case-phase tree did not always show the structure correctly in Work hour entry.

Visma Business integration

  • Error occurs on Visma Business settings page if Yes or No has not been selected.
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