MyVisma authentication

There is a direct access to Visma Severa from MyVisma portal. No credentials are required to login into Visma Severa as long as you are authenticated in MyVisma.

In order for the login to work from MyVisma, "MyVisma" add-on must be activated for Severa organization. The add-on is free. Follow the purchase process to activate the add-on.


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  • Authentication works if organization is using MyVisma portal and MyVisma add-on has been activated in Visma Severa.
  • User must have same email address in Visma Severa and MyVisma.
  • User accounts need to be created in Visma Severa and in MyVisma. Once user account exists in both systems, user can login to Visma Severa from MyVisma portal.
  • MyVisma and Visma Severa have separate user accounts. Users aren't automatically created, activated, updated or inactivated based on user accounts in MyVisma.

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Enable authentication and log in

  • You need to have credentials to MyVisma portal.
  • Activate MyVisma add-on in Visma Severa.
  • Once add-on has been activated, MyVisma authentication is working. No special settings in Visma Severa are needed. Make sure that your users have the same email address in MyVisma and in Visma Severa.
  • Sign in to MyVisma, and click "Visma Severa" in MyVisma portal to go to Visma Severa. You are authenticated based on your email address, which you use in MyVisma.
  • Once user has been authenticated to Visma Severa, there is no connection between MyVisma and Visma Severa anymore. User will stay logged in for as long as they keep using Visma Severa, and if they log out, they need to go to MyVisma portal and login to Visma Severa again.

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Why login to Visma Severa fails

If one tries to login from MyVisma to Visma Severa, but login is unsuccessful, the following page is shown:

Reasons for unsuccessful login:

  • The user in question is inactive in Visma Severa. Go to user's Personal details page in Visma Severa and see if the user is active or inactive.
  • MyVisma add-on is not active for the organization. It hasn't been activated or it is not in use anymore. Go to Upgrades in Visma Severa and see is the MyVisma add-on in your organization's add-ons list.
  • User logged in with an email address which could not be found from Visma Severa. Check the email addresses from MyVisma and Visma Severa, they need to be exactly the same.
  • The company in questions does not use Visma Severa anymore. Contact your Visma Severa administrator to confirm if you are unsure.
  • There is a problem in the connection between MyVisma and Visma Severa. This is most likely the case if the items above have been checked and everything was ok. Contact customer service.
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