Google Authentication (Add-on)

With Google Authentication add-on users can login into Visma Severa using their Google-accounts. No credentials are required to login into Visma Severa after first authentication as long as user is logged into Google's services.

Follow the purchase process to activate the add-on.


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  • Authentication works with all google accounts, also with gmail-accounts.
  • User must have same email address in Visma Severa as is his Google account's email address.
  • Users who had Severa account before add-on was purchased can use both normal Severa login and Google authentication to log in. Users which are created into Severa AFTER the add-on has been purchased can only log in to Severa using Google authentication.
  • User accounts are created in Visma Severa and in Google as separate accounts. Once account exists in both systems, user can enabled authentication from Visma Severa's login page.

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Enable authentication

Once add-on has been purchased, go to Visma Severa Single sign-on Google authentication page.

Alternatively access single sign-on login page from normal login page by choosing Visma Severa single sign-on as Version and by selecting Google Authentication tab.

Click Authenticate with Google button.


Enter your Google account credentials and click Sign in.


Authorize your Google account to be used for Visma Severa login by clicking Accept. This authorization is asked only on the first login.


Page is redirected back to Visma Severa's dashboard. You are now logged in.

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How to login after first authentication

When you log in to Google, web browser stores the login into it's cache. As long as you are logged in to Google account, you are logged into Visma Severa aswell. Bookmark the following address into your web browser favourites and use the bookmark to log in. Accessing the bookmarked link takes you directly into Visma Severa and no credentials are asked.

If you log out from Google and you also click "Logout" in Visma Severa, you will need to access the Visma Severa's single sign-on login page and authenticate with Google again. To avoid entering credentials, do not use Logout functionality, instead just close the web browser.

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