Work types

In brief

Work types are the different jobs commonly performed on cases. Work types are either productive or non-productive.


Enter and edit work types

  1. Go to Tools > Settings > Work types. Existing work types are displayed in the table with a code if using accounting integrations, a default cost per hour and a checkbox to indicate if the work type is non-productive.
  2. To add a work type, enter the name, cost per hour and click to mark non-productive if applicable. And click Add.
  3. Or, edit an existing work type:
  • To change the name: Click the edit icon for that row, enter or edit text and click save.
  • To disable: Click disable.
  • To delete: Click disable on the row and then click the delete icon. When deleting an industry that is associated with accounts, a pop-up window will open that allows you to link the affected accounts to another industry.
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