Entering new activities

You can easily add new activities from the top menu. Activities are divided into five different categories:

  • Calendar entry
  • To-do
  • Project task
  • Personal
  • Absence

When entering new activities you should always check that the activity category selected is correct as it cannot be changed afterwards. Chosen category affects where the activity is shown and what fields and features it has. Note also that categories reflect to the activity types shown in dropdown so if you don't see the activity type you are looking for try changing the category first!

Give the activity a descriptive name and all other details. If the activity does not require any actions you can mark it as completed by selecting Complete and close, otherwise select Add.

You can also add activities in several other views in Severa. For example:

  • Add project specific tasks directly on project's Collaboration tab
  • Add absences in Time & Expenses view
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