Report gallery

From the report gallery you can find all reports you have access to. Reports are divided into sections and within a section you'll find reports devided into own, shared and default reports.

  • Own: Reports created by you that are only visible to you
  • Shared: Reports shared to your user profile
  • Default: Visma Severa default reports

In the top right corner of the view you can search for a report by using its name or part of it.

In Visma Severa's report view there are several icons used to represent for example the type of report. See the list of icons used below:

Icon Description
lista.jpg List report
palkki.jpg Bar report
viiva.jpg Line report
analyysi.jpg Analysis report

Matrix report

suosikki.jpg Favorite report
kayttooikeustaso.jpg Amount of user profiles to whom the report is shared to
tyopoydat.jpg Amount of user dashboards to which the report is shared to



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