Customer card

From the customer card you can find all data and settings related to your customer. The customer card is broken down into five tabs containing different information:

  • Contact information: the contacts, addresses and activity feed
  • Sales & projects: all sales cases and projects related to the customer
  • Collaboration: all the project tasks and collaboration notes from different projects related to the customer
  • Financials: aggregated financial forecasts of the customer’s different projects
  • Customer settings: default billing settings and market segmentation of the customer

You can also find relevant KPIs in the tab strip related to the content.

On the top of the customer card you can edit customer's name, customer number and account owner. If you want to inactivate the customer, you can do it by using the button in front of customer's name.

On the top right there's a button where you can add/edit customer specific notes or delete the customer from Visma Severa.

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