API release notes for October 2017 release

Interface changes

Interface name

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Business unit filter was not working in following queries:

  • GetHourEntriesByDate
  • GetWorkDayInfoByDateRangeAndUserGUID
  • GetHourEntriesByDateAndUserGUID
  • GetHourEntriesByDate


Entity changes

Entity name

Change (identifier)

Release date

Account & Customer classes

New property added: ReverseChargeDescription

This field becomes active in Severa, when ReverseCharge=true. It is the place for the legal description of why customer is invoices with reverse charge. The description from customer is then take to invoice.


HourEntry class

Returns isApproved = true only when work hour approval is enabled.

Why was this done? Currently in Severa when work hour approval is not enabled, we set the isApproved flag true when hour entry is invoiced. This is done so that if customer takes work hour approval into use, then old hours are already approved. In one scenario, work hours are editable and in other they are not.



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