• Visual Studio 2010 (any edition).
  • This is a command-line application and will run on any Windows.


  • A FINVOICE XML-file is required for this code example as an input file.
  • Such invoice can be created for example from Visma Severa if FINVOICE add-on has been purchased.
    • As an attachment in this article there is an example FINVOICE, which can be used also, if there isn't add-on available in the organization that is being integrated to.


  • Download the source code, which is attached to this article.
  • The program will read the given FINVOICE file and iterate all the rows in it and insert them as products into the case given as parameter:
    • API key, case number and FINVOICE file are needed as command line arguments. 
    • Finvoice file should be placed to ..\bin\Debug folder.
    • Read the FINVOICE-file, ignore possible header.
    • Get the case from Visma Severa with given number.
    • Extract information from FINVOICE:
      • Iterate all rows.
      • Insert a row as item into case.


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