When your customer accepts the proposal you can easily create a billing plan using proposal rows as the basis. Start by clicking Go to create billing plan next to Close and go to sales case.

On the left you can see a preview of your proposal and on the right you'll have the option to select how proposal rows are billed. There are two options to choose from:

  • Products separately, hours according to price list: Use this option when the billing is based on both hour entries and fees. This way the hours get the price per hour based on the price list and fees are billed separately.
  • As fees:Use this option if also work hours and/or subtotals are billed as fees. When you select As fees two new options appear and you can choose whatever suits you the best:
    • Using subtotals and products
    • Using work hours and products

Note that you don't have to include all rows to your plan. If you want to exclude some rows or subtotals just click the row. Full edit options are available on the Financials tab of you project.

By selecting Cancel the view is closed you are redirected to sales case. If you need to do some changes to proposal before creating the billing plan you can go back to proposal by clicking the button next to Create billing plan and select Go back to proposal. From that menu you can also go and create a project plan if you have not done that earlier.

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