You can access the kanban of project tasks by selecting Schedule > Task kanban from the left side menu. On the top you'll see relevant KPI values designed to guide you. Depending on your access rights you can select different kinds of filters to limit the tasks shown there. If company has Resourcing add-on in use, you can also see your resource allocations from Resource allocations -section.

Project task shows the activity name, customer, project and deadline given to it. The tasks where the date is in the past are marked with red so you can easily spot them among tasks. If the task is assigned to someone in your company you can either see his or her initials or photo in the top right corner.

In this view you can quickly access and edit tasks by clicking the name of the task. For example if task is not assigned to anyone you can assign it to yourself.

Kanban lets you move the tasks from one column to another easily by just dragging. When task is moved to Done, it is also automatically marked as done and it won't show in your task list as ongoing.

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