In Visma Severa, projects are known as Cases. There are two main types of Cases: Customer and Internal. Customer cases allow for invoicing of Work hours, Travel expenses and Products to the customer. Internal cases are in-house projects which can store information about hours, expenses and products but can’t be invoiced.

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Customer cases

Customer cases are projects for external clients that are meant to be accomplished within a specific time frame and budget. Customer cases belong to customer Accounts, and Work hours, Travel expenses and the Products are entered there for billing purposes.

Customer cases are subdivided into Sales cases and Project cases based on the Sales status ranging from In progress (Sales case) to Won(Project case).

Sales cases are usually short-term, and involve one person trying to win the project. All Sales cases evolve into Project cases when the Sales status is changed to Order (won) or Rejected (lost).

Project cases that are Won can be short- or long-term, and usually involve a whole team of people. Completed cases can be closed and used for reporting purposes.

The classification of Customer cases as either Sales cases or Project cases was designed to simplify the sales process and provide an overview of the sales pipeline. Viewing the report Browse > Open cases demonstrates how Sales cases are identified with the word “Sales” and Project cases are identified with a progress bar.

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Internal cases

Internal cases are created for projects which won’t be invoiced to a customer, and therefore belong to the company’s own, internal account. For example, if your company is hosting a free seminar for customers, you might want to track the hours and expenses incurred even though these costs won’t be invoiced.

Internal cases are similar in structure to Customer cases in almost every way except for the absence of the Sales, Pricing and Billing & Revenue sections and the functions included therein.

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