User Management

The user management report is accessed directly through tools > user management. It provides basic information including the name, phone number, position, business unit, supervisor and access rights profile of employees in your system. As with any report, you can choose to show criteria at the top of the page in order to select more or less data columns or delimit results through filters. After changing criteria, remember to click search. Clicking Excel-icon, you are able to export report to Excel.

A supervisor or system administrator with sufficient access rights can access other people's personal details page to edit all of the same basic details, photos, add-ons and reset the password, as well as adjust the person's work contracts, work hour balance and access rights It's helpful to arrange and organize other settings prior to adding employees, accounts and cases to the system. This way, there will be less need for editing and adjusting personal details and other settings afterward. 

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Add user

The add user button at the top of the user management report takes you same place than click New --> User page. New employees can be added to the system by entering details in the fields beneath add user and clicking save. The current status section provides details about available user seats, and active versus inactive users. Active users are people who have a valid login to access your Visma Severa system. Inactive users don’t currently have a valid login, but can be reinstated.

  1. Go to Tools - User management, click Add user or go to New - User
  2. Make sure that you have available user seats (If all user seats are used, add more user seats first. You can create user even if you don't have user seats available, but user will be inactive)
  3. Enter the following information for user
  • Email (welcome email will be sent to this email address and this will be the login address for the user)
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Title
  • Cost per hour
  • Daily hours
  • Default work type
  • Access rights profile
  • Supervisor
  • Business unit
  • Click Save or Save and add new -> User gets username and password automatically to email

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The overview contains the person's name and basic work information, including their default work type, email address, business unit and supervisor.Note: Only admin user/supervisor can edit the business unit and supervisor.

  1. Click edit on the title bar to open the section for changes
  2. Enter information in the fields or use the drop-down menus to make changes
  3. Save changes

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Personal details

Personal details is a settings page that contains unique information for each employee. The employee can access the page (Tools - Personal details) and edit details such as their contact information, formatting, language and email preferences, as well as upload a photo.

It's also possible to change your password.

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Work contracts

The work contracts section contains information about the employee's position, cost, daily hours and overtime. The work contract is essential when using advanced time tracking, resource allocations and other add-ons that take an employee's cost and hours into consideration. Only a supervisor can edit the work contract.

Note! Through tools --> personal details, employees are able to see their own work contracts but not edit them.

  1. Go to tools --> user management, and click employee name to edit an employee.
  2. On the employee’s personal settings page, click to expand the work contracts section.
  3. Click the edit icon to adjust an existing work contract, or click add to create a new work contract.
  4. Adjust or enter the name of the position.
  5. Adjust or enter the start and end dates. The end date may be left empty if unknown.
  6. Adjust or enter the cost per hour, daily hours and daily limit.

Note when using advanced time tracking add-on! If a new work contract is created, flextime calculation is reset to zero so on the first day of the contract flextime shows 0 hours. If you want to transfer the users flextime, you need to adjust balance manually.

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Work hour balance

The work hour balance section is only visible when using the Advanced time tracking -add-on. It contains updates to an employee's work hour balance in positive and negative hours in the case of vacation hours earned through contract negotiations or hours paid out. Only a supervisor can edit the work contract.

  1. Go to tools --> user management, and click employee name to edit an employee.
  2. On the employee's personal details page, click to expand the work hour balance -section.
  3. Click the edit icon to adjust an existing entry, or Add to enter a new work hour balance.
  4. Accept the default date, or select another date using the calendar icon.
  5. Enter a positive or negative number for the work hour.
  6. Give notes if needed
  7. Save.
  8. After making changes to settings that affect the work hour balance, use the recalculate balance button on the work contract -section to ensure employee work hour balances are updated.

Once configured, the balance is displayed as a total and monthly value on the employee’s work hour entry form and on the work hour summary report.

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The settings section contains information about the employee's language, time zone and formatting, and email notification preferences. See the Email notifications article for more information. Click edit on the title bar to open the section for changes. Use the drop-down menus to change selections and test the email notices if desired. Remember to save changes.

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Access rights

The access rights section contains information about the employee's ability to view and edit information in Visma Severa. The access rights profile can be changed or individual rights of that employee can be adjusted to diverge from the generic rights of the assigned profile. Only a supervisor can edit the access rights. Please see the Access rights article for more information.

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Picture and Password

The picture section allows you to upload a photograph for display on the user management report. Simply click browse to locate an image file in JPG, PNG or GIF format on your computer, and select it. Then click upload picture. Click the delete link below the image to remove it.

The password can be changed by the employee or reset by a supervisor. The position of the button is the same, but the wording changes from change password to reset password to reflect the difference. The employee directly enters a new password. The supervisor simply sends an email to the employee with a temporary password so the employee can access their account and change the password.

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