The Stopwatch is a tools that helps you record work hours. Time spent working on a case can be tracked in hours, minutes and seconds or with the exact start and end time, depending on company settings.

Stopwatch overview makes easier to monitor other user's stopwatch activity with an overview tool. Tool is available for regular dashboard but also in dashboard sharing.

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Getting started

The Stopwatch and stopwatch overview are a Dashboard element.

  1. Click the Visma logo on the left in the top menu or Home in the breadcrumb to go to the Dashboard
  2. Click edit new to dashboard-link
  3. For the element where you would like the Stopwatch, click the edit icon  in the title bar and on the pop-up, in the Others section click Stopwatch
  4. Stopwatch will shortly appear on the Dashboard

The stopwatch and stopwatch overview can be removed from the dashboard by clicking on the edit icon  in the title bar of the element, and clicking on the empty content button on the pop-up window.

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Tracking hours

How to start timing with stopwatch

  1. Click Cases-tab
  2. The section shows 20 phases where user has entered work hours most recently, and that are open for work hours and are not on closed case.
  3. If the name of the appropriate case is found here, click the Play icon in front of it to start tracking time.
  4. If the name of the case isn't displayed on the list, click select case-field and start typing account, case or phase name. When the case is selected through these methods, the stopwatch automatically starts timing.
  5. If the employee isn’t yet a member of a particular case, click Join a case to become a member of the case and start tracking hours at the same time. When the case is selected through these methods, the stopwatch automatically starts timing.
  6. Click the pause icon to stop tracking. Or click to start tracking another case and automatically end the existing tracking.

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Saving and deleting hours

  1. When ready, or when the day is done, click the Timings tab to see timed work hours.
  2. Total timed hours is displayed on the bottom left, while the total hours saved on the work hour entry page is displayed as the Work hours entered today link for direct access to the page.
  3. Click on the description or time of a timing to edit it, or if necessary click on the Delete icon to remove the timing without saving it.
  4. Click the save icon at the bottom of the element to save all timings to the work hour entry form for the corresponding day. Timings can also be edited or deleted on the Work hour entry form.

The stopwatch will appear when the stopwatch is in use and recording hours. Click the active icon to automatically return to the Dashboard and access the Stopwatch.

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Stopwatch overview

With stopwatch overview user is able to monitor other user's stopwatch activity with an overview tool. The control has three different display selections.

  •  Subordinates: All user's direct subordinates. Not the user itself.
  • Case members: All users that are members on cases where user has case owner rights.
  • Business units: All users that the user has rights to in that unit based on the user right are shown.

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