Activity management makes activities as an essential part of project and calendar planning. Activities can be added directly to the Activities & Phases section of a case or on the Calendar, and they’re listed on My activities in the sidebar. It’s also possible to receive email notifications about activities. Notice, that some of the functions may require administration access rights.

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Available activity types are managed through Tools > Settings > Activity types. Activities are categorized as out of office, to-do, personal or work, and an activity can only belong to one group. There are various icons that can be associated with an activity type including Holiday, Sick leave, Private, To-do, Meeting, Deadline, Email and Call. When company are using advanced time tracking add-on, activity type can be define as paid leave.

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Adding new activity type

New activity types can be added through to activity type -section.

  1. Enter a name for the activity type, use the drop-down menu to select a category and an Icon
  2. Click Add

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Editing activity type and marking as default

As default Visma Severa shows several activity types. Editing is possible through to activity types -section.

  1. Open Tools > Settings
  2. Select Activity types
  3. Click pen-icon
  4. Make changes
  5. Save the settings

When changes has been made click "use as default" to identify which activity type should automatically be selected on new activities in case the person creating the activity forgets to select one.

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Removing activity type

No needed activity types is possible to disable or remove completely. Choosing disable, activity type is not visible when creating new activity. Changing back to active is possible when clicking "Activate". Notice! Removing activity type is possible after activity type is disable.

  1. Choose disable after activity type which activates delete-button.
  2. Click delete-button after activity type
  3. Confirm with OK.
  4. If activity type is used, new popup opens. Choose which activity type is used for activities which uses current activity type
  5. Choose activity type from the drop down
  6. Confirm changes
  7. Confirmation that activity type is removed.

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Public holidays

Public holidays are days when employees aren't expected to work. Usually, holidays are nationally recognized, paid days off for all employees. However holidays can also be company specific. Public holidays are shown on the Tools > Settings > Public holidays and those are visible on reports. See more from Public holidays -article.

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Adding an activity

Activities can be added through New - Activity -page, calendar and case.

Mandatory fields are Activity name, Activity owner, Activity type and Duration. Other fields Participants, Location, Customer, Case and Description is not mandatory to fill. Click in the participants field or on an icon to the right of the field to open a list and select users, reservations or calendar-groups.

After duration is selected, it is possible to define start -and end times to activity. If removing selection from Duration, only start - and end dates are possible to choose. Calendar shows this kind of activity on the selected date and time is 8:00 - 8:30 a.m.

Duration of the activity is possible to give either date/time or all day activity. All day -selection is recommended when duration of the activity lasts all day, like vacations. When advanced time tracking is used, Visma Severa checks daily hours and calculated work hour balance based on entered hours and absences.

If unassigned is selected for the activity, selected dates is visible on mini-calendar under lined in red. However activity is not visible in my activities -section or user own calendar, but those kinds of activities are visible under user own calendar.

Frequency is also possible to choose to Activity. Select recurring activity to specify how frequently the event will occur and the date range for this recurrence. Usually recurring activity is used when same appointment occurs at the same time and day from week to week or month to month.

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Adding an activity on the calendar

Activities are quick and easy to add straight to calendar using default activity type. Double click on the calendar, and do a quick add by entering the name of the activity in the subject field. Click Save and the activity is automatically added for the time and date you clicked on the calendar.

  • Day - or week view: Activity is made as default for selected date and time duration is one hour.
  • Month view or timeline: Activity is made as default for selected date and duration is all day.

If you like to give description, participants or some other details, choose Show more, when New > Activity -page opens.

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Adding an activity on the case

Activities added to a case are visible on activities & phases -section. At the top, the word show has a drop-down menu which delimits the visible activities and phases by All, Incomplete, My own or To-dos.

Add new activity on the case clicking New activity -button. When adding new phase, it is possible to add several activities at once.

  1. Click New phase on activities & phases -section
  2. Enter phase name and other needed details and add activities (Note: New lines appears when adding new activities)
  3. Save phase

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Marking activity as completed

When willing to mark activity as complete, open activity, select "Mark as completed" and save changes. If activity includes participants, activity is marked as complete for all.

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Re-opening an activity

When activity needs to re-open, it is possible to open again. If activity is added to a case, it is possible open on case activities & phases -section removing selection after activity.

  1. Open calendar
  2. Choose activity and open it double clicking on the activity
  3. Click "Reopen" and activity opens for editing mode
  4. Do changes and click Save

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Removing an activity

Only owner of the activity can remove activity. When participants removes activity, it is deleted only for user calendar, not for others. Note, activities which is open is possible to remove from the calendar. If activity which is marked as completed needs to be removed, re-open it and remove after that. Removing activity on the calendar is possible when taking mouse over to activity when red delete-button appears on top right corner.

  1. Open calendar
  2. Search activity
  3. Take mouse over to activity
  4. Click delete-button in the top right corner.
  5. Select OK
  6. Activities can also be deleted on the activity page using the Delete button at the bottom.

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Activities on the calendar

Mini-calendar is shown in the top right corner of the Visma Severa. Click the today’s date on the mini-calendar in the sidebar to open the full calendar to this week. Or click another date on the mini-calendar to open the full calendar to that week.

Activities are displayed in gray, unless the activity is already completed and then it appears in green. If in the calendar is the recurring activities, you recognize the in the top left of the arrow mark. Note, that day- or week view shows time from 8:00 a.m to 16:00 p.m. (business hours). Click show 24 hours if you like to see activities entered before 8:00 a.m. and after 16:00 p.m. Week - or time line view shows always all activities.

Unassigned activities is listed under calendar. List is visible as default, depend on what view is used (day-, week- or month view). Clicking show more -link, all unassigned activities is listed under calendar.

Activity scheduling is the creation of unassigned activities or activities which don’t have people as participants. This type of scheduling allows project managers to plan ahead and prepare for activities even when they don’t know who will complete them. As time allows, and projects progress, managers can review employee availability and assign activities.

Activities may be dragged and dropped to reschedule or edit the activity. Users may reschedule the time at which an activity occurs by dragging and dropping the whole activity box. Or users may edit the length of an activity by dragging and dropping the bottom side, or end, of an activity. Note, when activity is marked as completed, editing is not possible.

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My activities

The my activities list in the sidebar provides a quick view of activities in chronological order from late to today and after next week. Activities appear color-coded and include icons as specified in settings. Click an activity in the list to open it for more details, to edit it or to mark it completed. Activities that are marked as completed will be removed from the My activities sidebar, but they’ll still be visible on the Calendar, and can be reopened there if necessary.

Activities are represented with a small bar, activity symbol (based on settings-page), activity name and the activity start time when given (max. 24 character). 

  • Private: Subject and start time
  • Activity, which is linked to account: Subject and start time
  • Activity, which is linked to sales case (case does not have account contact): Subject
  • Activity, which is linked to sales case (case do have account contact-> don't need to be participant of activity):  Account name, case account contact name (the first letter of the first name and last name)
  • Activity, which is linked to case: Case name, Subject and start time

Note: Start time is not visible if activity is late.

Activities listed in the sidebar are also coded by color.

  • Sales case activities are green
  • Customer case activities are blue
  • Personal activities are gray A
  • Other activities, including internal case activities, are black.

At the bottom of the My activities sidebar is an additional function, List all. Clicking on list all opens a new window that lists all activities in a table (activities -report).

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Activities are possible to list in activities report. Changing activity owner, marking activities as completed or reopening them at once is possible with mass update tool for activities.

  1. Select New - Report
  2. Select content activities
  3. Choose columns to report
  4. Add/remove filters
  5. Search

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