• This article provides an overview of the Phases or Activities & Phases section of a Case. The name of the section changes from Phases to Activities & Phases when the Activity management add-on has been purchased. The basic structure and function of the hierarchical relationship between phases inside the case remains the same regardless of activities.
  • The Activities feature will only function during the trial period or if the Activity management add-on has been purchased.
  • The Resourcing feature will only function during the trial period or if the Advanced resourcing add-on has been purchased.
  • Administrator access rights may be required to perform some or all of the steps described below.

In brief

Activities and Phases provide a framework with which to consider the objectives, goals and responsibilities of team members for a project.

Activities and Phases represent the minor and major components necessary to complete a project. Activities are smaller, more practical tasks that belong either to a Phase or the Case as a whole. Phases are milestones that make up the major stages of a project.

For more information about Activities and their functionality as an add-on feature, please read the Activity management article.

Getting started

Click to open a Case, and if necessary click on the arrow icon_whitearrow.png to the left of Activities & Phases to open the section. By default, the Activities & Phases section is presented in the Tree view with the case as the root phase. In the section title bar, notice the buttons Gantt chart, Add activity, Add phase and Edit case members.

Click Gantt chart to view the case as a schedule over time. Click the other buttons accordingly to add or edit the case structure.

On the top left is the text Show and a drop-down menu with All selected. The drop-down menu allows you to select All, Incomplete, My own or Todos to limit the Activities and Phases that are displayed.

Below Show, the folder with the case name represents the case. To the right of the case is information corresponding to the column headers, including the name or number of Members involved, the number of hours Resourced (if the Advanced resourcing add-on is in use), the number of Work hours entered over the number of hours estimated, and the Deadline. In addition, there is an open or closed lock which indicates whether employees are able to enter Work hours at that level.

Click on the case to add, edit or remove information about members, resourcing, work hours and dates. In the Work hours column, Entered/estimated hours are cumulative in the case hierarchy, meaning that hours entered and estimated at the case and phase level are summed up and displayed as totals for the case. The image below provides an example, added to the 32 hours estimated at the case level are 100 hours from the design phase and 40 hours from the production phase for a total of 172 hours for the case. Further, it's possible to click the lock to open (allow) or close (prevent) work hour entries on a case or phase. 

Activities are added using the Add activity button in the title bar, or by creating an activity in the Calendar and identifying the Case and Phase to which it belongs. Activities are represented with a symbol and the name given to the Activity. Phases are added using the Add phase button in the title bar. Phases are represented with a folder and the name given to the Phase.

Once added, Activities and Phases are listed below the case folder. Information about Activities and Phases is read across to the right in the same manner as information about the Case. Details of a Case, Activity or Phase are edited by clicking on the name or row of the item.

In the Tree view, a Phase containing one or more Activities has a + or - sign in front of the phase folder that allows you to expand or compress the contents of the Phase. If an activity is located within the Case as a whole, it will be listed separately at the bottom of the tree.

Open an activity or phase

Click an Activity or Phase name to open it, and view the details, edit or delete.

Show all, incomplete, my own or todos

Click on the drop-down and select one of the viewing options to limit the display of Activities and Phases accordingly.

Reorder activities and phases

Click on an Activity or Phase name to drag and drop it to a different position in the tree. Note however, that Activities and Phases can only be moved to another position on the same level of the tree. Open an Activity or Phase to edit the level it Belongs to

Mark activities or phases completed

Click to mark the check box to the right of an Activity or Phase row to Mark as completed.

Lock phase hours

Click the lock symbol on the right of a Case, Activity or Phase row to lock it and prevent employees from entering Work hours.

Delete an activity or phase

Click to open an Activity or Phase, and if desired, click the Delete button at the bottom to completely remove it from the Case.

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