Work hours are entered on the work hour entry form for Internal and Customer cases. Hours for internal cases are recorded but aren't billable. Hours for customer cases are recorded and available for billing on the case depending of the case pricing. With work hour approval enabled (requires Advanced time tracking add-on) work hours are approved before invoicing. 

Hours are recorded not only for billing, but also to measure progress, evaluate productivity and estimate workloads for future projects. Work hours also provide information about how employees spend the workday, how work is distributed and other cost comparisons through reporting.

Work hour entries can no longer be edited or deleted once hours have been invoiced to a customer. Likewise, hours can't be added to cases and phases that have been closed. With the  Advanced time tracking add-on it's also possible to close entries for a date and all prior dates, in which case those entries can no longer be edited, deleted or added.


1. Access rights may affect your ability to create, view and edit information described below.
2. Some features described below are only available when the Advanced time tracking and/or Activity management add-ons are in use.

Work hour entry

Open the work hour entry page through New > Work hours.


On the top left, notice the calendar for the current month. The selected date appears in blue within a light blue box. Other days of the month display in black for regular work days, gray for weekends and green for holidays. Closed days, or days for which entries are completed, appear in a green box. Days that have absenses are shown with orange underlining. At the top of the calendar, the arrows on either side are used to change the month. Work hour entry is always saved for the selected date. To view or edit work hours of different date change the day or week of the work hour entry table by clicking a different date on the calendar.

Breakdown of monthly hours

In the middleof the screen is a breakdown of the hours and absenses entered by user in selected month. Work hours and Out of office are calculated together to show monthly total.  Also on the screen two work hour indicators are shown; Billable % and Productive %. Work hour indicators are calculated based on the entered work hours. Supervisors and Administrators can view work hours subordinates/all users by changing the employee name in the dropdown. With Advanced time tracking add-on Visma Severa will also calculate flextime and Total work hour balance and the Monthly work hour balance are also displayed.

Top cases

On the top right, is a pie chart which displays My top cases for the current month. Hover on a slice of the pie to reveal a tooltip with the total number of hours entered this month for that case.

Work hour entry form

Day view

The day view appears for the day selected on the calendar, and the date is displayed in the gray bar at the top left of the table. If no entries have been saved for the day, the table is empty with one blank row available and the Use the latest workday as template linkdisplayed above the table.

Use the latest workday as template link copies all work hour entries from the last workday to today. The copied entries can be edited, deleted or new entries can be added. Remember to save.

New work hour entries are made by entering the Case, Work type, Hours, Description and Overtime in the top blank row. Click in the Case field to open the drop-down menu of cases. Click to select the case or start typing the name of a case to delimit the drop-down menu and then select it. After selecting the case, the default work type for the case, person or company appears in the next field. Click the arrow for this field to change the work type, or to select a Product or Travel expense for the entry.

The next field is where the number of work hours is entered. If using the Advanced time tracking add-on, the field can be the number of hours or the start and end time of work as selected by the system administrator through Time tracking options.

For the description, enter notes or information about the work as necessary. If left blank the description is filled in with the name of the case and the work type.

If using the Activity management add-on, to-do - or work - type Activities for that day on the calendar are displayed below the work hour entry table. Click the plus icon in front of an activity to add it to the work hour entry table. Enter the case, work type and description as necessary. 

Enter hours one at a time throughout the day or make several entries at once, but always remember to Save. Once hours have been saved, the Day total shows how many hours have been entered. Use Save and close the day when entries are complete. 

Week view

The week view appears for the week of the day selected on the calendar, and the dates are displayed in the gray bar at the top left of the table. If no entries have been saved for the week, the table is empty with one blank row which has seven work hour entry fields corresponding to each day of the week. The abbreviated day name and date are displayed above the table as column headers. 

New work hour entries are made by entering the Case, Work type and Description as described for the day view. Then locate the work hour entry field for the correct day of the week, and enter the number of work hours. When using the Advanced time tracking add-on, work hours can be entered as the number of hours or the start and end time on the day view, but only by the number of hours on the week view.

Enter hours for one case or multiple cases, on the same day or across the week, but always remember to Save. Once hours have been saved, the Day total shows at the bottom of each column and the Week total shows to the right of the day totals. Saved entries migrate to a new table below, and the work hour entry table appears empty except that recently used cases and work types are remembered.

Saved entries are billable in the case, but can be edited or deleted until invoiced. When an invoice is created that includes those hours, the entries still appear in the table but are no longer available for editing or deleting. 

Click to mark the checkbox in front of Week is closed and Save when entries for the week are complete. The calendar will show every day of the week with a green box to indicate they're closed. 

The template, selection of travel expenses and products, overtime and activity entry options are not available on the week view.

Other ways to enter hours

Additional work hour entry options include adding the Day view to your Dashboard (if it’s not there already) and recording work hours using the Stopwatch and then transferring the hours to the entry form.

For more information about work hour entries, please see the How to: Enter work hours article.

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