The next release will be published on Thursday, the 20th of December 2012. Please read the notes below to learn more about upcoming changes.


Work hours

  • Week view. Choose between the traditional day view or the new week view. The week view remembers 5 cases and phases that the employee already entered hours for and preselects these cases for faster work hour entry.


  • Improved Case member selection. It's possible to select case members from a list or by typing the person's name.

Activity management

  • Improved activity participant selection. Activity participants are managed directly on the activity view. Users, case members, customer contacts and reservations are available for selection from lists.


  • Option to search cases where user is a case member.
  • New report for work hours "Work capacity" that allows comparing reported hours with work contract and resource allocation from selected time period.
  • New report for resourcing "Overview in hours" with cumulative allocation and work hours visible.
  • New report for resourcing "By person in hours" with breakdown of resource allocation per user and per case.
  • Graphical reports support sales probability for weighted values.
  • Graphical reports visible on iPad.
  • Graphical report update with option to save report as image or PDF.


  • Address lines 2 and 3 merged to main address field on accounts.
  • Office 365 support for Exchange calendar synchronization.
  • Mobile calendar synchronization upgraded to SyncML 1.2 standard

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