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Communication methods are the fields available to enter communication details for customer contacts. Through an account, click to add a new contact or edit an existing contact. On the pop-up window, notice the column on the right which contains the options to enter details for communicating with this contact. These are the communication method fields, and adding or editing a method will affect the options presented here.

Managing communication methods

  1. Go to Tools > Settings > Communication methods. Existing methods are displayed in the table with a link to the contacts that contain information in that field.
  2. To add a method, enter the name; click to select Email, Fax, Messenger, Phone, Mobile or IP phone; and click Add.
  3. Or, edit an existing method:
  • To change the name, click the edit icon on the applicable row, enter a new name and click save.
  • To disable: Click disable on the applicable row. If you disable a contact role which is in use, it is still used for existing contacts, but cannot be used for new ones.
  • To delete: Click disable on the applicable row and then click the delete icon. If you delete a contact role which is in use, you can link the effected contacts to another contact role on a dialog window that opens.

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