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Market segments are groups of customers based on common, measurable characteristics or goals that are used to direct marketing and sales. Segments might be geographic, demographic, behavioral or benefit driven classifications. Please see Wikipedia's Market segmentation article for more information.

Managing segments

  1. Go to tools > settings > market segments. Existing segments are displayed in the table with a link to the accounts that belong to that segment.
  2. To add a segment, enter the name, and click add.
  3. Or, edit an existing segment:
  • To change the name: Click the edit icon for that row, enter or edit text and click save.
  • To disable: Click disable for that row.
  • To delete: Click disable on the row and then click the delete icon . When deleting an industry that is associated with accounts, a pop-up window will open that allows you to link the affected accounts to another industry.

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