Manage contact keywords

Contact keywords are words associated with a customer contact to identify roles, areas of interest or location. Keywords can be used to decide who to contact and delimit report results.

  1. Go to tools -> settings -> contact keywords. Existing keywords are displayed in the table and the number indicates how many contacts are tagged with that keyword.
  2. Enter a new keyword in the field and click add
  3. Or to edit an existing keyword, click the edit, disable or delete icon

Use keywords to tag contacts

  1. Open an account, and click the new contact button or click to open an existing contact
  2. On the contact pop-up window, click keywords to open the list of existing contact keywords
  3. Click to select the desired keywords from the list
  4. Or in the text field for keywords, type to enter words (when entering multiple words use a space between words without commas or any other punctuation). When you add a new keyword which has not been previously stored in the settings, it is automatically saved.
  5. At the bottom of the window, click save

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