In this newsletter we inform you about upcoming April’s release and the change in company name from 1st of May 2013.


Release content (release date 18th of April 2013)

Work hours


  • Out of office -activities such as holidays are shown directly on work hour entry page (day view).
  • Billable percentage works also with fixed priced cases
  • Work hour entries are editable directly from work hour report (list). This functionality is available for the reporter, case owner and supervisor, for example while approving work hours.


New version of Proposal add-on

With Proposal add-on user can create proposals directly with Severa.

 Proposal tool is getting a complete re-design. Re-design is taking care of most known issues:

  • Allow using proposal as estimate, quote, purchase order or sales order.
  • Do not lock case that has a proposal.
  • Don't show proposal data in reports as actual costs or uninvoiced before it's accepted.
  • Allow case to have more than one proposal.
  • Support proposal's partial acceptance.
  • Support value based pricing, i.e. hide quantity and unit price or even individual rows that add up to a subtotal (e.g. hours or estimated supplier costs).
  • Use a real template behind the proposal that can include proposal rows.   

Pilot version with known issues was release in April. Before going live with this for all customers, we'd like your feedback. We know that there's bound to be something that we haven't considered. Contact our customer service if you are interested in trying it already in April and May. A commercial version that's available for all customers will follow in June 2013 release.


New KPI add-on

With KPI add-on user can create own mathematical metrics (key performance indicators) used in reporting.

 KPI add-on update:

  • Show KPIs on case report and case overview.
  • Allow creating metrics where values are multiplied, deducted, added or divided.
  • No limit on number of values used in calculation.
  • Possibility to use existing KPIs as part of calculation.

 Contact our customer service if you are interested in this Add-on.



  • Resourcing reports are updated to match with other reports.
  • Case report has new columns "resourced hours" and "resourced - reported hrs".
  • Seeing long case names in reports is now possible with mouse-over tooltip.



  • In last release, we updated how to select people to a case, an activity and reports. Now also single-user selections are working similarly (such as selecting case owner).
  • Business unit and case owner can be selected already on new case page.


Visma Severa Oy’s name and VAT number change from 1st of May 2013                     

Visma Severa Oy’s name will change as part of corporate restructuring. The merger of Visma Severa Oy (VAT FI18712620) into Visma Solutions Oy (VAT FI19675438) will become effective from 1st of May 2013. Visma Severa as a product name will remain to be used in our service and marketing.

 The name change is related to restructuring that begun earlier 2013 when Netvisor Oy changed its name to Visma Solutions Oy. With combined knowledge the new company provides leading solutions for financial management and project business management. “For our customers the combination will result in improved and wider offering” says Ari-Pekka Salovaara, former Managing Director of Visma Severa Oy and future Managing Director of Visma Solutions Oy.

 Contracts made with Visma Severa Oy will transfer as is to Visma Solutions Oy without changes to contract’s content. Invoices sent after 1st of May 2013 will contain Visma Solution Oy’s information and updated payment details. Please make note of this with future invoice payments.


Best regards,

Antti Byckling

Director of Customer Service, Visma Severa



Visma Severa is a leading professional service automation vendor in the Nordics. We have 700 customers in Finland, Sweden and Norway. We also have customers and end-users in dozens of different countries.


Netvisor is a leading advanced financial management solution in Finland. It provides cloud services which combines efficient web based accounting activities and business processes. Already 7000 companies and 250 accounting offices has chosen to boost their business with Netvisor`s solution.

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