Next Visma Severa release is planned for Wednesday morning, the 19th of June 2013.


New proposal tool

  • New proposal tool had pilot release on April, now it's finalized
  • New proposal tool must be activated, old version is not changed
  • Features in New proposal tool
    • Allow to rename proposal freely (i.e. estimate, quote, purchase order, sales order)
    • Allow case to have more than one proposal
    • Allow proposal's partial acceptance
    • Allow to hide quantity, unit price and individual rows that add up to a subtotal
    • Use a real template behind the proposal that can include proposal rows
    • Do not lock case that has a proposal
    • Don't show proposal data in reports as actual costs or uninvoiced before it's accepted


  • More mass editing options
    • For accounts: updating industry, segmentation details and account status
    • For activities: change activity owner
    • For cases: add keyword, change business unit, change case owner, case status, sales person, sales status and cost center
    • For invoices: change invoice date and date of entry

Other small improvements

  • Use activities in work hour entry page (day view). One click to select all activities to time sheet.
  • Phase completion % is shown on Case / Activities and Phases -section
  • Account report: new search criteria and result columns "Created by" and "Updated by".
  • Case report: new result columns "Date created" and "Last update". New search criteria "Last update".
  • Invoice report: new search criteria and result column "Updated by"

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