Next Visma Severa release is planned for Thursday morning, the 12th of September 2013.

This release introduces big changes in invoicing and 2 new add-ons. Read more about the release content from below:

Advanced time tracking add-on

  • Work hour approval is improved and work hours can now be invoiced before they are approved. New behaviour has a setting in Time tracking options. Read more. Note, work hour approval requires Advanced time tracking add-on.


  • NEW ADD-ON: Volume pricing. This new add-on makes it possible to create price lists that are based on the amount of entered products. For example first 2 products are sold with 100 euros and next 2 are sold with 150 euros. Read more.
  • We are introducing a new feature "Phase status" to phases. Create your own phase statuses in Settings and use them to report phases that are in different stages/statuses. Phase status works similarly as case status. Read more.
  • Copying of a case is improved. It is now possible to copy a price list and it is also possible to copy case work types & products settings. Selecting a case template when adding a new case is also renewed and instead of a list of cases a case search is introduced. Read more.


  • Edit view of invoice rows is improved and managing invoice rows is now easier than it was before. Read more.
  • Grouping of invoice rows is improved. Travel expenses can be grouped with various ways, for example by expense type or by person. Grouping for products is introduced with multiple options of how to group product rows. Read more.
  • Invoice row description is also improved to support Product rows. Read more.

Single sign-on

  • NEW ADD-ON: Google authentication. Login to Visma Severa using Google credentials. Read more.

Rounding of values

  • REMOVED FROM THIS RELEASE: "When using SEK and NOK currencies, total amounts on invoices and proposals are rounded according to the country specific rounding rules." Due to issues discovered in testing, this feature is not yet released. A new release date for this feature is announced after the thursday's release.

Work hours

  • We are introducing new entry type called "Time entries". Time entries are entries that aren't work hours, such as lunch breaks or travel time. They are not included in total work hours of users, and they can be reported separately. Read more.

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