tiedote-2013-october-release-web-eng.jpgNext Visma Severa release is planned for Thursday morning, the 24th of October 2013.

This release introduces changes in invoicing. Read more about the release content from below:

Invoice template

Work hours: Time entries part 2

  • Time entries can now be displayed in case's Overview-section.
  • Each time entry type and Time entry total are displayd on Work hour summary -report.
  • New report called Time entries added to reporting.
  • See Time entries article.

ProCountor –interface

  • From Severa invoice; Our Reference, Your Reference, Notes, Notes before invoice rows and Notes after invoice rows are all taken to ProCountor and shown on "Lisätietoja"-field on the invoice.
  • When Severa invoice is grouped with attachment, the attchment is transferred to ProCountor.
  • Travel Reimbursement attachment from Severa is transferred to ProCountor. Only one attachment is transferred because ProCountor accepts only one attachment per travel reimbursement.
  • Integration now supports organizational hierarchy add-on. Transfer invoices and travels of several organizations from one Severa into each ProCountor and transfer purchase orders from each ProCountor to one Severa.
  • ProCountor data transfer settings-page changed, define ProCountor password for each transfer separately.
  • ProCountor -interface is only available in Finland. Read more about the changes (in Finnish). Read also the updated ProCountor article (in Finnish).

Small improvements

  • Business unit (case) to Items report
  • VAT number to Contacts report
  • Activity owner code to Activities report
  • Possibility to display Reference number as KID code for Norwegian organizations
  • Show business unit tree in business unit dropdown on New > Invoice page (when organizational hierarchy add-on is in use)
  • Phase status visible into phase tree
  • Phase status history link to phase
  • Possibility to choose invoicing VAT-% for account
  • Possibility to edit proposal template name
  • Contact person visible into address on proposal

Performance improvements

  • Updates to server environment, identified bottlenecks have been solved
  • Optimized database queries
  • "My activities" sidebar data limitation
  • Join case -function dropdown menu limited to 1000 results
  • Select case -function at workhour entry page limited to show 500 results, more results by search
  • Improvements to Matrix reports causing dashboard slownes
  • More improvements will be released in following hotfixes

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