Next Visma Severa release is planned for Tuesday morning, the 17th of December 2013.

email_pdf.JPGFor customers who have not yet changed to e-invoicing, we are introducing an option to email invoice directly from Severa. Email recipient can be selected from account's contacts and we have predefined a message text that can be edited freely. Severa's invoice is sent as an email attachment, in pdf format.


advpricing.JPGAt this time of the year increasing the prices is a topic in many companies. Purchase our new Advanced pricing add-on and easily increase prices by percentages or by fixed amounts. The increase can be done both to price lists located in Settings and with mass update tool to case specific custom price lists.

Read in detail of all the features included in the release:


  • Email invoice as a pdf directly from Visma Severa. Read more about this new feature!
  • Swedish and Norwegian companies are now able to select a rounding for invoice and proposal totals. Read more about this new feature!
  • When invoice is saved as pdf, the pdf file name now includes also account name.
  • Search button is added to New > Invoice page and the page now works similar way as reports. After changing the filters, search button must be clicked to update the search results.
  • It is now possible to select more than one business unit on New > Invoice page when using Business unit -filter.


  • Volume pricing add-on name is changed to Advanced pricing and it includes following pricing related features:

Visma Lön integration (only available in Sweden)

Tikon integration (only available in Finland)


  • Column "Travel expense" is renamed to "Name" on Items-report. This column shows the name of the product or name of the travel expense
  • Column "Travel expense type" is renamed to "Travel expense category". Name of the category is displayed for travel expenses, for products the result is empty.


  • Payment history in Upgrades is renamed to "Order confirmations".

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