In Sweden and in Norway it is custom to round invoice and proposal totals. When the total amount is rounded, the amount of rounding is shown on it's own row on the invoice. The amount that is rounded is Total including VAT. The value is rounded based on the decimals, for example 100,50 is rounded to 101,00 and 100,49 is rounded to 100,00.

When company's base currency is SEK or NOK there is a possibility to take rounding into use from settings. Also when these companies have multi-currency add-on, there is an option to take rounding into use for the other currencies.

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Rules of rounding

  • Rounding of totals is possible when base currency is SEK or NOK
  • Rounding is done to nearest integer
  • Existing read-only invoices are not affected when rounding is taken into use
  • Existing editable invoices will be rounded when rounding is taken into use
  • Existing proposals will not be rounded when rounding is taken into use
  • The amount on the rounding row is always between -0,49 and +0,50
  • Rounded value is visible on the individual invoice/proposal and also on the Invoice-report's column "Total incl. VAT". This way report shows same value as invoice itself.

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Setting up rounding for base currency

To take rounding into use on invoices and proposals go to Tools > Settings > Company details > Document preferences. Change the option from "No rounding" to "Round to nearest integer" and click Save.

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Rounding on individual invoice and on proposal

When rounding to nearest integer is taken into use in settings, it is applied to existing invoices that didn't have read-only status and also to all new invoices. Invoice displays new row called "Rounding" that shows how many decimals are rounded and invoice total incl. VAT is shown as rounded value.

Customers who have Proposal add-on active can also see Proposal Total incl. VAT with rounded value. There is also a new row "Rounding" that shows how many decimals were rounded.

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Setting up rounding for other currencies

Customers who have Multi-currency add-on can set up rounding for other invoicing currencies in addition to the base currency. Still, this option is available only when base currency is SEK or NOK.

Rounding type can be selected for each currency. For example Norwegian company most likely would like to round SEK invoices similarly as NOK invoices, but then not to round EUR invoices.

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When sending invoices from Severa to financial software, the other system should follow the same set up as done in Severa. If invoices are rounded in Severa, they should also be rounded in the other system. The integrations that are build by Visma Severa (such as Visma Business or Visma Administration) only transfer invoice row's price. This means that calculation of the invoice totals is done in the other software. Rounding from Severa is not transferred, therefore the settings in both systems need to be the same.

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