Visma Severa product release is planned for Thursday morning, the 20th of March 2014.


Take reporting to a whole new level with Advanced reporting add-on!

advanced_reporting_icon.PNGExperience the benefits of grouped, pivot-table like analysis reports to review and analyze the data in Visma Severa. Create your own key performance indicators and follow how your organization, it's employees and projects are performing. Enjoy the new, colorful style and easy-to-use layout of the reports and possibility to export report as proper Excel-file with styles. 

Proposal report is here!

proposal_icon.PNGReport for example how many open proposal your sales people currently have, or how many proposals your company won last year and what was their total sum . The new report can be found from the content menu of Reports when Proposal add-on is enabled for the organization.

Get the most out of pricing!

advpricing.JPGDo you have need to create different versions of price lists? Would you like to create next year's price lists before the year changes? Do you have lots of products in product register and a need to update their prices? We have added more features into Advanced pricing add-on to provide solution to those questions.

Import your items!

fyffet-ikoni.pngHave you ever considered how to connect purchase invoices from your accounting software with Visma Severa's project costs for reporting and invoicing purposes? Or do you have a need to add lots of items or products to cases at once? Try our new Item import tool to add multiple items or products on one go to many cases using a CSV file. This tool is available for all administrator users without extra charge.

Release content in detail


  • New add-on: Advanced reporting:
    • Create analysis reports about Cases, Items, Users and Work hours.
    • Create your own Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and follow them on the analysis reports.
    • Price: Professional 5€/month/user, Business 50€/month, Enterprise 75 €/month
  • "Product code" added as result column and filter on Invoice rows-report.

Proposal add-on

  • Report and follow information related to proposals using new Proposal report.
  • Small improvements on proposal:
    • Column headers added for proposal rows in both view and edit modes.
    • Closing a case no longer asks to select a status for proposals.
  • Small improvements on proposal template:
    • Possibility to define proposal title on the template, such as "Proposal", "Agreement" or "Order confirmation".
    • Possibility to define on the template which columns are displayed on the proposal and is VAT hidden.
    • Fixed incorrect behavior of price and cost of proposal template row. Price and cost of product row cannot be edited on the template, however price and cost of item row are always editable.
  • Price: Professional 3€/month/user, Business 50€/month, Enterprise 75 €/month

Advanced pricing add-on

Item import

  • New CSV import tool for adding costs and/or billable items to cases. Read more about the new tool from Item import -article.
  • Included in all Visma Severa versions. 


  • "Payment date" is added into invoice. Payment date is automatically set when invoice status is set to "Paid". Payment date can be changed on the invoice or using invoice mass update tool.
  • Improvements for editing invoice rows:
    • Invoice row's description field has been made bigger and scrolling is enabled. Reviewing and changing the long descriptions is now much more user friendly than before.
    • Invoice rows are grouped in edit mode if grouping is used on the invoice. This way it is easy to see, edit or remove rows belong to certain group.
  • Possibility to update invoice details (such as our reference) from invoice to case's billing details.
  • Possibility to align receiver address to the right on invoice template.
  • Possibility to add multiple cases for invoice when creating a new invoice.


  • Work types and products -section on a case is renewed having a new look and offering a faster management for companies with lots of work types and/or products.


  • When adding a new account, VAT number can be entered without opening the details of general information.

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