Visma Severa product release is planned for Tuesday morning, the 9th of September 2014.


Fast way to approve work hours!

  • Approve quantity of hours and drill down to detailed content if needed.
  • See quickly overview of work hours in different statuses.
  • Create an approval report that best suites your needs; work hours by cases, by teams, by people.. you name it!

Print & send nice looking invoices, proposals and travel reimbursements!

  • Headers and footers on every page.
  • Proper page breaks.
  • Page numbering.
  • Usage of colors.
  • Clear invoice breakdown with subtotals.

These are the long waited layout changes we are introducing to invoices, proposals and travel reimbursements!

Example Invoice

Example Proposal

Click to see larger image

Access rights to invoice statuses!

  • Allow employees to create invoice drafts but prevent them from further editing invoices.
  • Lock invoices into certain status in Visma Severa after transferring them into accounting software.

Important information about supported web browsers

Starting from the beginning of year 2015 Visma Severa will support the below mentioned web browsers. If you are still using an older web browser, now is the good time to start thinking about upgrading.


  • Internet Explorer: Two latest major versions
  • Firefox: Latest major version
  • Chrome: Latest major version


  • Safari: Latest major version
  • Firefox: Latest major version
  • Chrome: Latest major version

If the web browser you are using is not on the list, it doesn't mean that you cannot use Visma Severa with it. It just means that we cannot guarantee that all the menus or forms would work, or the user interface would look as nice as it does with supported browses. We also won't fix bugs that exist only on older web browsers. This is because WWW-technology goes forward in giant leaps and old browsers just don't have the technology to support new, cool features we want to offer to you.

Release content in detail

Advanced time tracking add-on


  • Direct print option is removed, why?
    • We wanted to offer nice looking prints regardless of which web browsers are used or how settings for printing have been defined.
    • We wanted to improve the quality of the prints and offer consistent looking documents.
  • Printing of invoices, proposals and travel reimbursements is now done using PDF icon at the top of the page.
  • Invoices can be mass-printed using invoice mass update option. New option creates one PDF-file including all the selected invoices, making it faster to print multiple invoices on one go.
  • Prints have headers and footers on every page.
  • Page numbering is added to header when document has multiple pages.
  • Page breaks work properly, not cutting text in the middle or leaving half a page empty.
  • Proposal has now color similar to invoice.


  • Access rights to invoice statuses to help controlling who can edit the invoices once they have reached a certain status.
  • Invoice attachment renamed to "breakdown" when grouping invoice rows.
  • Invoice breakdown layout improved:
    • Breakdown separates work hours, travels and products.
    • Invoice row grouping acts as subtotal for the content.
    • Breakdown follows same coloring as invoice itself.
    • Breakdown has headers, footers, page breaks and page numbering.

New add-on: "Security management"

  • This new add-on includes a feature called "IP address restriction", which can be used to give authorized access to Visma Severa only from trusted IP addresses.
  • Read more about this from Security management add-on -article.


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