Visma Severa product release is planned for Tuesday morning, the 21st of October 2014.


It is that time of the month again. It is the time you dread. The invoicing. Oh my god, you feel like crying when you have to start doing it. The amount of manual work is unbelievable. You even write down your billable items to a piece of paper to be able to invoice the rows in correct order, since you cannot change the order afterwards. How stupid a software is that!

But not anymore! We heard your cry and wanted to relieve your pain. We believe that you should have the possibility to enter your billable items for invoicing at any time, anywhere knowing that when the invoicing day comes you'll have full control over the order of your invoice rows. That is why we decided to offer you a solution of dragging and dropping invoice rows to re-order them.

We hope that this makes your invoicing more fun and flexible!




Release content in detail



  • Absences of employees are editable for supervisors and administrators. Read more from Access rights article.

Account import


  • Improved usability and new user interface on Time entries, Items and Travel reimbursement reports.
    • The reports look more fresh and selecting values or filters is easier than before.
    • Selecting a value or filter can be done by typing a part of the name into the report, no more searching for the correct name from the long list.
    • Report contents are still the same.
    • All existing saved reports have been converted.
    • Reports are easier to export Excel or CSV without extra saving
  • "Travel reimbursement approver" and "Travel reimbursement approval date" to Items report and Travel reimbursement report.
  • Time frame "Week" added to User analysis report.
  • Action menu opens links into a new browser tab.
  • Freeze first and last row when scrolling a report.

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