Visma Severa usability release is planned for monday morning, the 24th of November 2014.

Did you know that last November 13 was the World Usability Day? Well, we did, and for a week we focused on making a bunch of small usability improvements that will hopefully make your life easier. We tried to focus on small but useful things that benefit as many of You, our valued customers, as possible. Here’s to hoping more precious seconds can now be put to productive use every day, feel free to drop us a line either way about what you think!


  • A product’s billing type can be selected immediately when adding it in Case page’s Products section.
  • It is now easier to select what is displayed on Case’s Product’s section using drop-down menus at the top of the section. Billed and non-billable products are now hidden by default.
    product billing type.png
  • Completed phases are now hidden by default on Case page’s Activities & phases section
    show incomplete phases by default.png 
  • If you accidentally navigate away from the work hour entry page without saving, you will now get an alert to make sure your work hour entries are not lost.
  • Changing the invoice status is now easier to understand as there is button for saving the new status.
  • Menu bar’s search does not display inactive accounts, contacts and closed cases as results anymore. 

Release content in detail 

Activity management (add-on)

  • After adding or editing an activity, you will be taken back to where you were.
  • Visible hours for day and week view of the calendar can now be selected at the bottom of the calendar view.
  • When creating a work hour entry based on an activity, the activity will now be marked as completed. Recurring activities will not be affected.
  • Sidebar’s My activities now displays future activities only for next 90 days to provide faster performance.


  • When selecting content to be shown on the dashboard, you can now easily distinguish your own reports and reports shared with you by the color of the icons.
  • The action menu on the left side of many reports now has a larger area that brings up the menu. The positioning of the menu has also been improved.
  • Shared reports now indicate who has shared them. This information can be found directly below the report.
  • When creating a new report, the Content selection control now has grouping to help you find the right report type.
  • Financial timeline report’s drill down pop-ups now display 15 lines of data at once.
  • Labor expenses is available as a result column and a criteria on the Phases report.
  • Account status is available as a result column and a criteria on the Contacts report.


  • Your organization’s case name display preferences are now used to display template cases when adding a new case. This makes it possible to see the account names with the cases.
  • Making forecasts on Case page’s Billing & revenue section is now easier because rows are automatically provided for current and next six months.
  • Case’s keywords are now visible in Case's Overview section.


  • Deleted contacts are now inactive contacts and are displayed in their own section on the Account page.
  • Address and contact editing is now easier to find on the Account page with the addition of pencil icons.

Work hour entries

  • Case page’s Activities & phases section now has an icon on each phase you are member of to allow quickly adding work hour entries for the right phase.
  • Work hour entry page’s pie chart now displays the ten cases with most hours for the month.


  • Green success messages and red error messages now appear at the top of the page for better visibility.
  • Non-clickable icons have been hidden from the top right corner of pages.
  • When adding a new proposal, the first field on the form is automatically active to speed you up.
  • Settings page is now displaying links in alphabetical order and without gaps.
  • Product’s code is now visible on the Products settings page.
  • Code is not mandatory for work types anymore.
  • Plenty of language improvements were made for all available user interface languages.

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