Visma Severa product release is planned for 16th of April 2015.


Last spring we asked from You how should we improve the work hour page, so that entering work hours would be faster, easier and more informative than currently. 19 companies from Finland and Sweden participated and provided valuable insight in how they use Visma Severa in their daily work. Thank you all for the great feedback!

During these meetings it became obvious that one feature was really wanted the most, and that was the ability to pin favorite projects. Along with it, we did a few other most requested improvements. There are still some improvements that will come in later, but for now, based on your feedback we proudly present the improved work hour page!

Pin favorite projects

One of the biggest needs was the ability to pin favorite projects, so that certain cases would always appear at the top of the case list when entering hours. This way it is easy to enter hours to cases you work the most with. The case list has gotten a makeover to look more fresh, we have optimized the search to be faster, and the list now has the stars to add or remove favorite cases or phases.


Here is a tip how to enter hours more efficiently!

keyboard.pngDid you know that you can type in the name or number of the account, case or phase you are looking for instead of scrolling down the list? And that you can use your keyboard to select cases or phases? Use Up and Down arrows on your keyboard to go up or down in the list. Right arrow opens the phases under the case and Left arrow closes the phases. Select the correct case or phase with Enter.


worktpes.pngTo make entering hours even faster, we changed the work type and overtime selections so that you can now also write in the name to search for correct type instead of having to scroll down big list to locate what you need.

KPI's on work hour page

What you also wished for a lot, was the ability to select yourself what kind of KPI's are visible on work hour page. Some of you wanted to hide billable hours or productive and some of you wanted the possibility to add your own figures there.

Use "Work hour overview" in Settings to define what should be visible on the work hour page. Those of you, who have Advanced reporting add-on, can create user KPI's and add also those to the work hour page.


Changing the date of entry

changedate.pngOne of the upsetting features in Visma Severa was that you really couldn't change the date for an existing entry. Only way to do that was to delete the existing entry and create a new one.

You can now change the date on the work hour page per entry and later we will bring it as mass update option to work hour report.

Release content in detail

Work hours

  • Pin favorite cases to the top of the case list.
  • New case list with keyboard support.
  • Action menu to go to account, case or travel reimbursement and to change the date of entry.
  • Add User KPI's to work hour page and possibility to define yourself what figures and KPI's are visible on the work hour page. Read more...
  • New work type and overtime lists with keyboard support.


  • Go to Visma Severa from MyVisma portal. No password required for login, when user exists in both systems. Read more...


  • Improved way to add, edit and remove columns on following reports: Accounts, Cases, Phases, Activities, Work hour list
  • When sharing a report, choose the profiles you share to immediately on the same view. 


  • "Show footer on invoice" setting added to invoice template. Use this setting to show or hide footer on invoice.


  • Transfer invoices as sales orders to Econet.




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