The following improvements were introduced in the 21.5.2015 product release:

Hiding OCR number

We have now added the possibility for our Swedish customers to hide OCR number on invoice template or individual invoice. You can find the setting "Show invoice reference number" under invoice or from invoice settings tab.


Quick search

Previously in Visma Severa you could not easily search for inactive accounts or closed cases.

Due to customer feedback, we have now added the possibility to define if quick search searches for open cases and accounts or open and closed cases and accounts. Setting can be found under Company details (Quick search).


Opening cases from account card

In our April 2015 release some of the old reports were renewed and when user opened case from account card, case was opened into a new tab. Many of our customers gave feedback about it so we have now restored the old functionality and case opens now into the same tab.


Improved dashboards

We have improved the dashboard layout. Dashboard reports are now more clear and easy to look at!



The following issues were fixed in the 21.5.2015 product release:


  • Date picker is broken when opened first time


  • Scandinavian characters are incorrect when report is exported to Excel
  • Horizontal scrolling issue in reports
  • Column sorting is lost when exporting report to Excel
  • Billed € is wrong on Cases-report when invoice has multiple cases
  • Exporting Work hour list-report to Excel looses the phase-filter (when report opened from case)

Single Sign-on

  • New user is not able to login to Visma Severa

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