The following improvements were introduced in the 23.6.2015 product release:

Advanced reporting (add-on)

Analysis reports

We have added two new values to Work hour analysis report: internal (amount of hours entered to internal cases) and customer hours (amount of hours entered to customer cases).


User KPI

As a user, I want to use expected hours (amount of hours user should do on a specific time frame defined on work contract) to calculate user related KPIs. For example, I want to compare billable hours vs. hours on work contract for the same period.

A new value, Expected hours, has been added to User KPI so that you create new KPIs.


User KPIs can be added to Work hour entry form or User analysis report.



User management

As a user, I want to quickly find a person from user management and get to his details. We have now added the possibility to search for the user by name and keyword.


You can search for the person by typing the name or by choosing the person from the list that opens when clicking on Search field.

When choosing the right person, personal details view opens automatically.



The following issues were fixed in the 23.6.2015 product release:

Activity management (add-on)

  • Opening calendar view or creating a new activity is slow for some users

Work hours

  • User is able to join phase that is locked for hour entries

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