The following improvements were introduced in the 18.1.2016 product release:

Travel reimbursement (add-on)

Previously attachments added to travel reimbursements were not printed out along the PDF file. In the January 2016 release we have changed the printing to include also all attachments added. Attachments are printed after travel expense rows as own pages.

Flat rate

We have also made changes to flat rate! After today's release invoices including flat rates will be more clear as we don't print rows with 0 quantity to invoices. You can also define if you want to bill additional hours or use the price for additional hours as the value of hours.


The following issues were fixed in the 18.1.2016 product release:

Proposal (add-on)

  • Case value is not updated if proposal is created before the case status is set when creating proposal


  • When reverse charge description has been set to account, reverse charge description is shown also for invoices where reverse charge is not in use on Invoices report

  • Open/Closed criteria doesn't work for reports in Browse menu

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